The closest beaches to Seville

The closest beaches to Seville

Seville it is an ideal choice for those who want a holiday in Andalusia that includes cultural visits to the most beautiful cities and monuments of the region and afternoons of leisure or fun by the sea. It is located in a good central location and enjoys excellent road links, making it easy to reach many locations, including some between the most beautiful beaches in Andalusia.

True, the entire province of Seville is landlocked but with a rental car you can get to the beach in just over an hour.

An attempt at an artificial urban beach in 2017 met with so little success that it was not repeated. Evidently the Spaniards are too used to beautiful beaches and swimming in the sea to be satisfied with sand transported by trucks and swimming pools: they prefer to drive a hundred kilometers to enjoy the relaxation of a real beach.

Do like them, start the engine and go in search of the most beautiful beach around Seville.

Beaches near Seville: where to go?

To go to the beach starting from Seville you have two choices: focus on beaches in the province of Huelva, towards the west, or focus on those in province of Cadiz, heading south. The distances are more or less the same, choosing one or the other depends more on your preferences.

The beaches in the province of Huelva are the beaches of the Sevillians, who generally prefer this coast rather than that of Cadiz. However, this does not mean that the beaches of Cadiz are less beautiful.

In both cases, the sea that bathes the beaches is theAtlantic Ocean, so the water is a bit chilly compared to the temperatures we are used to in the Mediterranean. Some beaches are beaten by strong winds and are therefore perfect for surfing.

The main roads that connect Seville to the sea are there A-49 to the beaches of Huelva and the highway A-4 (for a fee) for the beaches of Cadiz.

Beware of traffic on weekends: on Sunday evenings these roads, and in particular the A-49, are often jammed with holidaymakers and Sevillians returning home from the sea. Plan your return to avoid being bottled up for hours.

Below we recommend the beaches not to be missed around Seville, divided by province (Huelva to the west and Cadiz to the south).

The closest beaches to Seville in the west

The closest beach to Seville is Matalascañas, about 100 km from the city of La Giralda. This proximity and the large amount of services and chirinquitos make it the favorite beach of the Sevillians for a day escape from the heat of the city.

It certainly cannot be said that we must be satisfied: the closest beach to Seville it is also one of the most beautiful, with very fine golden sand and a natural park behind it thanks to which the area has been protected from tourist exploitation that could have ruined the beauty of the landscapes.

The park we are talking about is the park Doñana, a large marshy area formed by the river delta Guadalquivir. For an unforgettable day trip from Seville you could combine a visit to the park with hours of relaxation on the beach of Matalascañas.

Another beach much loved by the Sevillians, easy to access and full of services is Punta Umbria. It is located about 12 km from Matalascañas and is recommended for those traveling with children and those seeking comfort. Despite the name, it has no connection with the Italian region!

If you love wild looking beaches we recommend you Mazagon (7 km from Matalascañas) e Maneli costs (between Matalascañas and Mazagón).

The second is a truly impressive beach: access is difficult, you will have to walk for more than a kilometer, but you will be rewarded by a landscape of breathtaking beauty. It is a very long beach of fine sand, with a dense green area behind it and spikes of white rock.

Other recommended beaches west of Seville are The Lump, The Antilla, Islantilla e Urbasur. This area is mostly frequented by Sevillians who own a holiday home; there are also a couple of luxury tourist resorts.

Among these the most isolated is El Terrón, often frequented also by naturists, perfect for those who love nature. If you are looking for services, bet on La Antilla.

The closest beaches to Seville in the south

Heading towards Cadiz the first beach you will encounter coming from Seville is Sanlucar de Barrameda. The town is known above all as a wine production area and tourists pass by to visit the cellars and taste the Manzanilla, a dry wine that is produced only in this area; there are few who spread the towel on the beach.

It is probably not the most fascinating, but if you don't like confusion and don't want to drive too many kilometers, the beach of Sanlucar de Barrameda it might be ideal for you.

Much more popular is the seaside resort of Chipiona, the favorite of the inhabitants of the area, which has three different beaches often considered as a single beach: The pits, Ruler, The Three Stones.

If you choose the beaches of Chipiona, take the opportunity to climb to the top of the highest lighthouse in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the highest in the world.

Built to warn ships of dangerous rock bottoms and to show the way up the Guadalquivir River, the Chipiona lighthouse it is almost 70 meters high. You can reach the top by climbing 322 steps, an effort that will be rewarded by a splendid view over the pretty town of Chipiona and the sea; on clear days, which are not uncommon in Andalusia, you will also be able to see the city of Cadiz.

The urban beaches of Rattan, long beaches of fine sand, are less touristy: we recommend them to those who want a mix of comfort and local atmosphere, while they are not the best choice for those who want to immerse themselves in nature.

Moving a little you can get to El Puerto de Santa María, a characteristic village that rises near the city of Cadiz. Rich in history and interesting monuments, it also has 5 city beaches that are characterized by the high quality of services: Fuentebravía Beach, Santa Catalina Beach, La Muralla beach, La Puntilla beach e Valdelagrana beach.

Another beach not to be missed is Barrosa of Peter, the northernmost of the beaches on the Costa de la Luz. It is 130 km from Seville.

Lakes and rivers in the province of Seville

When the heat becomes unbearable, a valid alternative to the beaches along the coast of Huelva and Cadiz is the river beach of San Nicolas, 104 km from Seville. It is located in a humid area rich in vegetation: ideal for cooling off!

Before hanging out your towel on the beach, we recommend that you go and take a look at the beautiful ones waterfalls of the Huéznar River, which are located a short distance away: unfortunately they are not suitable for swimming, but you will not regret the small detour.

If you want to save a lot of kilometers by car, you can swim in the artificial lake of Aznalcollar, 45 km from Seville. You can indulge in sporting activities (even adventurous!) Such as kayaking and bungee jumping or treat yourself to a day of total relaxation with a picnic in the countryside.

Beach day tour from Seville

Your holiday is purely cultural but you don't want to give up a day at the beach? Would you like to see the beaches of Andalusia but don't like the idea of ​​driving a hundred kilometers or more? The solution for you is to participate in a Andalucia beaches tour from Seville offered by local tour operators.

The itinerary is built so that you can see some of the most beautiful beaches in southern Spain in a single day, also combining a visit to some characteristic villages and tastings of local products.

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