What to see in Seville in two days

What to see in Seville in two days

The city of Seville it is among the most visited in Spain, but if time is limited, how can you organize yourself better? Here is a personalized guide to know what to see in Seville in two days, three or if you have more time available. The capital of Andalusia is rich in culture, history and monuments and two days may be few, but by organizing yourself you will be able to see the best of the city and for the rest you could maybe come back.

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What to see in Seville in two days

What to see in Seville in two days

Il first day it is the vital one, if we manage to organize well and start on the right foot surely we will be able to see as much as possible in the 48 hours that we would have available. Our advice is start from the Avenida della Costituzione, the reason? Most of the main monuments are concentrated there!

So, in our guide on what to see in Seville in two days we start from Cathedral, one of the largest in the world and from Giralda, symbol of the city and rich in history and Arab influence, inside the church you will find the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Our advice is to use the Siviglia Card o l’Andalusia Card to save and skip the queue (where possible) and you can also use public transport for free and unlimited, to find out more here how to move in Seville.

Once out of the Giralda, after a visit inside, it is necessary to proceed quickly, towards theArchive of India, the archives of the Spanish conquests and colonizations in the Americas are practically kept here. Admission is free, but basically you can only admire the structure and quantity of books, you cannot in fact consult them (it is possible only on request).

If you are not interested in this part, my advice is to dedicate a little more time toAlcazar of Seville, it is a royal palace built during the Arab domination and over the years it has changed to adapt to the various cultures that have followed one another, here the entrance costs 9 euros, for students only 2 euros ... but it's worth it, in the Real Alcazar they toured the Iron Throne and if you like the TV series you must necessarily see it!

When you exit the royal palace, proceed with our guide what to see in Seville in two days going to the Santa Cruz neighborhood, it is the neighborhood of the Jews a labyrinth of white houses, here I recommend you to drink a beer and eat tapas, and maybe drink a very good sangria in one of the squares present in this great neighborhood.

Proceed and visit the flamenco museum, Pilatos palace a structure of the 400th century, beautiful and not to be missed. Finally, proceed until you get to the famous Metropol parasol, a contemporary art facility from which you can see the whole city! To go up, the ticket costs 2 euros, but there is a drink included! We also recommend that you visit the Antiquarium which is located just below the Metropol.

What to see in Seville in two days

After a nice active day we advise you to go to dinner and to bed, because in the guide what to see in Seville in two days the second day will be pretty full!

Seville Spain: Day 2 what to see in the capital of Andalusia

Well, we have reached the second day, after seeing Alcazar, Giralda, Cathedral, Metropol Parasol and many other attractions it's time to set foot in more open spaces: The Plaza de España ed il Parco Maria Luisa, an immense park and certainly among the most beautiful in Seville with several archaeological museums inside. But let's proceed calmly.

Our advice is to go and see the Plaza of Spain in Seville, a real interruption of the city space with an incredibly large square that was the seat of the Expo of 1929, is probably the most beautiful square in the whole nation. Loved by many and appreciated by many, a space so dear to the Sevillians.

What to see in Seville in two days

After visiting this square and a nice boat ride, proceed to the Maria Luisa Park, here you can visit the archaeological Museum and of the Andalusian tradition, the first is worth it for history lovers, the second for those who love learning about the traditions of the peoples and cities they visit.

The next stop is between essential things to see in Seville in two days there are definitely the Guadalquivir, Plaza de Toros e Triana. Our advice is to see the museum present in Plaza de Toros, the visit lasts about 45 minutes and you can see the inside of the square where the bullfight takes place, in front you will find the Torre dell'Oro, in ancient times the treasures of the city were practically preserved here, from this point you can also proceed by making one cruise on the Guadalquivir.

Finally the Triana neighborhood it is essential and obviously to drink a beer a Betis Street, a spectacular and must see place in Seville.  So these are our tips on what to see in Seville in two days, and you have something to tell?

What to see in Seville in 3 days

If you have a few more days to spend in Seville, then it might be interesting to visit other parts of the city that you wouldn't otherwise be able to see due to time constraints. Surely the city has a lot to offer and it's a shame not to enjoy it to the full, that's why we want to offer you an itinerary for the third day in Seville.

Seville what to see in 3 days: places of interest

After seeing the main monuments of Seville you can go all'Isla della Cartuja, it is a small islet where you can visit the Cartuja Monastery and the contemporary art museum inside. This Monastery was founded in 1400 and Christopher Columbus stayed here during his Sevillian stops. During the Expo it was the Spanish pavilion and is currently the CAAC, or the Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art. The entrance fee is € 1,80.

Staying in the area, a visit to the Navigation Pavilion is mandatory, where the history of navigation is told (in four rooms). Little outside is a visit to the American gardens is mandatory, maybe for one nice picnic for lunch.

In the afternoon, after the Monastery you can take a tour in the center of Seville to visit the Church of the Savior, or in any case get lost in the narrow streets of the city. Afterwards it is advisable to visit the house of the Countess of Lebrija and the Casa de Pilatos which has a lot to tell with its architecture in full Mudejar style.

If you have some time left we also recommend you to visit the Flamenco Museum, for enjoy the flamenco tradition of the city and visit the Hospital de los venerables: an old hospital with one of the most beautiful courtyards in all of Spain with works by Velazquez and much more.

If you still have some time left, you might even decide to take a trip out of town and visit some cities near Seville. Here are some tips.

What to see around Seville

If you have a few days left in Seville before leaving, then you should consider taking a trip out of town. There are several villages like Carmona or Osuna. The first in particular is located about 30 km from the city and is easy to reach by bus.

Osuna it is a little further away, but there are several buses that leave every day from Plaza de Armas.

If, on the other hand, you want to see a big city, then we recommend that you reach the closest one: Cordoba. Reaching Cordoba is really simple thanks to the trains, in about 1 hour you will be in the city center and you can start your visit right away. If you want to avoid the train you can rent a car at advantageous prices, or use the buses.

These are the tips for what to see in Seville in two, three or four days. We advise you to follow this guide to avoid wasting time and optimize it to the maximum.

We also suggest visiting Santiponce and the ruins of Italica or the Doñana National Park.

Neighborhoods of Seville to visit absolutely

Following are a series of neighborhoods that we absolutely recommend you to visit in Seville, mainly the ones we think are the most interesting are the “barrio de Triana” and the “barrio de la Macarena”.

Triana neighborhood

It is one of the most important districts of the city that rises on the other side of the river, where we also find Calle Betis. We suggest you stroll through the main streets and enjoy the Mercado de Triana, the Church of Santa Ana and the Castillo de San Jorge.

Macarena neighborhood

It is located a little further from the center, but this neighborhood is very important for the Sevillians since here we find the Basilica de la Macarena, one of the most loved religious figures by the locals.

Seville PDF Guide: 80 things to do for free

If you are planning your trip and want to know the best itineraries in Seville you can opt for this guide that offers over 80 free places to enjoy the city like a real Sevillian. The guide has a really negligible cost and you can buy it here for € 2,99 or if you have kindle unlimited it's free.

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What to see in Seville: Live Andalucia Guide

What to see in Seville in two, three or four days? Advice with the most important places of interest in the city to optimize your time.

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