Arab Baths Seville - Aire Sevilla: timetables, costs and information

Arab Baths Seville - Aire Sevilla: timetables, costs and information

Seville is a suggestive and truly unique city, among the most beautiful places in the city we find the Giralda, the Cathedral and certainly the Santa Cruz neighborhood, and it is here that the structure is located in Calle Aire Air of Seville.

It is a structure of over 15 years ago that has recreated the experience of the Arab baths, it is a Rincón unknown to tourists but which it is worth a try at least once in a lifetime to spend a day dedicated to wellness. A stop here is mandatory if you have planned your vacation beyond 4 days, here you can find the Seville guide based on the days available.

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Arab baths in Seville

It is something that goes beyond the classic baths, the structure has an Arab origin (as the name suggests Arab bath) and after the reconquest by the Catholic kings, these places fell into disuse and many others scattered throughout Andalusia were even destroyed.

The structure that survives today is in Mudejar style, at the entrance you will be greeted by a game of soft lights and walls in full red color, background music and the smell of incense and natural oils creating a unique and suggestive atmosphere that will give a unique and incredible experience.

For a complete relaxation experience in Seville's Arab baths, there is a tea room typical of Arab culture where you can try over 30 different fragrances. This room is, among other things, the beginning of the route of the Aire de Sevilla, before diving into the spa of the structure.

Treatments and massages aire de Sevilla

In the hamman you can enjoy massages and treatments including the Turkish massage, the "Al-Andalus" massage, the chocolate therapy and the water ritual, that is a real massage on the water, let's see in detail all the treatments.

  • Al-Andalus massage: it is a massage with black soap and Kessa glove;
  • Turkish Message, is the most requested of the structure.
  • Treatment with chocolate, massage with hot chocolate using the properties of cocoa;
  • Water ritual: a massage on the water.

Cost of Arab Bath in Seville

The cost of entry all'aire of Seville includes a thermal path with tasting of Arab sweets and tea in 30 different flavors. If desired, you can take advantage of a 15-minute massage.

What to bring with you?

If you have decided to experience the Arab baths of Seville you will only have to bring a costume with you, the rest will be provided by the structure.

We advise you to book in advance via the internet, on the official page of the Arab baths tour. The routes start at 10.00 and are available every hour until 22.00. On weekends it is possible to swim at night from 00.00 to 1.30. Only adults (18 years of age) are allowed inside the Arab baths.

How to get to the Arab baths in Seville?

Getting to the Arab baths is really simple, just take it the metro and get off at Puerta Jerez and proceed in the direction of the Giralda. Here is a map to reach Seville's Aire from the center.

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