Festivals and Events Seville

Festivals and Events Seville

THEAndalusia is the southernmost region of Spain, famous for its traditional festivals Seville, Malaga and other cities. In particular a Seville there are several festivals that the inhabitants follow with great participation and that attract millions of tourists every year.

Among the most important festivals we find the Semana Santa in Seville, or the Feria de Abril, but there are many other events (religious and otherwise) that Sevillians are proud to celebrate year after year. Let's go and see, in detail, the most important festivals in Seville.

The Semana Santa in Seville

It is one of the most important religious holidays in the nation, every year during the Holy Week millions of pilgrims gather to watch the famous processions. It is probably one of the most heartfelt celebrations by the citizens of Seville who would never give up following this fantastic tradition. We recommend that you learn more about the topic here: Semana Santa Seville.

The Seville April Fair

Exactly two weeks after Semana Santa, a popular festival of great traditions enters the scene in Seville: the Feria de Abril. It is a week full of tradition, although initially it was an occasion for the exchange and sale of livestock, over the years it has transformed into a real tradition with traditional dances, local songs and especially Spanish flamenco. and sevillana (a typical dance of Seville). During the party, rebujito and Andalusian wine, and fun is guaranteed. We have already talked about the holiday and we invite you to learn more about Seville Fair.

The El Rocío pilgrimage

In the province of Huelva, one of the provinces of Andalusia, the festival of Rocio pilgrimage. A week before the start of the event, the various brotherhoods of the city of Seville head to the village of Rocio. The festival has ancient origins, it seems that the Virgin of Rocio appeared near an oak tree. The event is celebrated 50 days after Easter.

Corpus Christi in Seville

Always with a religious background, the Body of Christ, thousands of faithful during the month of June are preparing to receive the Eucharist at the Seville Cathedral, parading through the streets and joining long queues to enter the facility. The party continues for eight days, including traditional dresses and dances that date back to the XNUMXth century.

The “Velá” of Santiago and Santa Ana in Triana

In one of the most important districts of Seville, Triana, the "Sail of Santiago and Santa Ana" is celebrated at the end of July, it is a historical festival where the whole city and the tourists who are walking at that time in the neighborhood.

The Virgin of the Kings (August 15)

On August XNUMXth, Seville celebrates the Virgin of the Kings, it is a procession in honor of the patron saint of the city. Thousands of citizens and pilgrims from all parts of Southern Spain join the procession and meet at the Cathedral.

The Bullfights of Seville and the Season of the Bulls

The most important bullfights in all of Spain take place in Madrid and Seville. In particular in Andalusia every year from Easter until autumn there are numerous events related to the Bullfight within the Bullring della Maestranza, famous for the “Silencio de la Maestranza”, a unique event not to be missed.

Flamenco Biennial

For over 30 years, precisely since 1980, the Flamenco Biennial has been celebrated, it is a very important competition in the world of popular music where the best artists perform in a competition. Usually the event is held at the Auditorium della Cartuja and the jury are among the real stars of Flamenco.

Seville European Film Festival

Over the years, Spanish cinema has become more and more successful, since 2001 it has been celebrated in Seville on European Film Festival, where directors and films participate and where there is no shortage of festival-related events such as prizes, concerts and meetings with great stars and personalities from the world of cinema.

Book Festival

The Book Festival is celebrated every year in Seville, it is a very important cultural event for the city and where thousands and thousands of people participate. The Festival is celebrated during the spring and there are numerous events related to the main one.

Day of Andalusia

Festivals and Events Seville

Andalusia day has been celebrated on February 28 every year since 1980, during this day we commemorate the referendum approving the autonomy of the Andalusia region with respect to the Spanish government.

Other parties in Seville

  • San Fernando, patron saint of the city of Seville: May 30th
  • Day of the Pilar: 12 October
  • Commemoration of the Spanish Constitution: 6 December (national event).

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