Weekend plans in Seville

Weekend plans in Seville

Weekend in Madrid? Perfect! The weekend is when this city is full of life and wonderful plans. That's why in ForMadridLovers we have decided to create a list of things and plans to do on the weekend in Madrid.

Plans for a weekend in Seville

Looking for a plan for this weekend in Seville? In this beautiful city there are many activities and spaces that suit you and are the most fun. Whether you are looking for plans as a couple, with family or friends, in this article you will find a thousand options to have a great time with your family and friends.

Archaeological Museum of Seville

If you like history and archeology, then you have to know the Archaeological Museum of Seville where you can find a large collection in which you will find pieces of great historical value. It is a regional museum in which we can realize the large number of people who passed and settled in Seville: Romans, Arabs, Tartessians, and so on.

This museum was built in the early twentieth century and admission is free. It is located in a building that is located in the same square America and therefore is very well connected with the public transport network of the city.

Magic Island

We continue this list of what to do in Seville at the weekend with something with strong emotions: the Isla Magica amusement park. This place is different from other amusement parks because it is set in the 16th century, a key moment for corsairs and pirates, as well as when America was discovered.

The attractions of Isla Magica are designed for both children and adults. But you will also find a water park and 4D virtual reality screens. We assure you, you will be amazed!

Seville Zoo

Mundo Park is the name given to the Seville Zoo, a space located in the town of Guillena and where you will find a wide variety of animals of many different species that will be a true reflection of the wide diversity of fauna on our planet. In this space you will find different facilities where you will find wild animals such as tigers, lions, flamingos, storks, lemurs, and so on.

In Mundo Park you will also find an area dedicated to bonsais, a very curious type of tree that grows in the East.

House of Science

The House of Science in Seville is one of the most interesting museums to visit with your children or your partner. It is a space dedicated to the world of science and biology and, therefore, inside you will find skeletons of animals, life-size reproductions of different marine animals such as dolphins, orcas, and so on.

It is a museum completely dedicated to Earth sciences and, therefore, besides knowing the fauna and flora, you can also discover the wonders of the universe and astronomy.

Seville Adventure

Another of the best plans if you are looking for things to do this weekend in Seville is Aventura Sevilla. It is a fun adventure park located in a pine forest. Here you can have a great time in its various facilities and games in the trees designed for all ages.

Aventura Sevilla has more than 3 hectares where you will find activities for the whole family: zip lines, trails, games...

Escape Room

If you don't know what to do in Seville this weekend, here's a fun idea! Experimenta El Reto is an escape room located in Seville that has different games and scenarios for groups of friends to get out of their confinement in record time: maximum 60 minutes! In this escape room you will find different tests and mysteries that you will have to solve to get the code or the method to open the main door and get out of the room, will you succeed?

Maria Luisa Park

Is it possible that we haven't mentioned Parque de María Luisa yet? An unforgivable mistake that we are going to remedy right now. Although, perhaps, a place that almost needs no introduction, since we are talking about what is surely the favourite place for a stroll of all Sevillians: an idyllic place to disconnect from the routine, admire its variety of plants and sculptures, have a drink in one of its kiosks or simply enjoy a good conversation.

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