Seville Airport Bus

Seville Airport Bus

You arrived in Andalucia for vacation or to make a Erasmus in Seville and you're trying to understand how to get from the airport to seville? I want to explain how to get to the city center with the bus that the municipality of the city makes available.

Seville Airport Bus: How to get to the city?

In Seville it is hot, especially during the spring and summer and often as soon as you arrive at the airport it is very difficult to understand, if you do not know the language, how to get to the center of Seville and run for cover to the hotel!

The best solution is the bus, but what are the Seville airport bus schedule? Let's get to know them together. I discovered the connection before arriving in the city, you are probably doing the same and for this reason I want to advise you to take a look at the official site of Tussam, the transport company that manages the route.

From 5 in the morning, to 1 in the morning it is possible to take advantage of the airport bus - Seville, And vice versa. The ticket price is 4 euros and it is possible to do it on board. I advise you to do the Round trip ticket at the price of 6 euros, in this way you save 2 euros and you do not have to waste time to make the ticket. In short, a definitely cheaper solution than a taxi.

To take the bus it will be enough exit from Seville Airport and then go to the stop you find to the left of the terminal from which you will come out. The bus runs approximately every 30 minutes (timetables in detail) and it is punctual, the name of the bus is Bus EA.

Seville Airport Bus

Bus stops Seville Airport

Seville Airport Bus

Below are the stops and which one is best for reach the center of Seville:


    1. San Pablo Airport in Seville
    2. Kansas City – Hotel Ibis
    3. Kansas City – Pabellon San Pablo;
    4. Avendida Kansas City (Santa Justa)
    5. Avenida Kansas City (Hotel Ayre)
    6. Luis de Morales (Los Lebreros Hotel)
    7. Luis de Morales (Novotel Hotel)
    8. Saint Bernard
    9. Carlo 5th Avenue (Prado)
    10. Paseo Colon (Gold Tower)
    11. Marques de Paradas (Colon Hotel)
    12. Tournament (Plaza de Armas)

If you have to go to the center the best stop is San Bernardo or Avenida Carlo 5th (Prado Gardens), from here you can take the metro o the tram in order to reach the city center. The price of the ticket, of both means, is € 1,30. I recommend that you take the tram as it enters the pedestrian zone of the city and will take you to the Seville Cathedral or Alcazar of Seville, in the heart of the city.

If you get off at the last stop, Plaza de Armas, you can take the various buses that will take you to the various cities of Andalusia.

For any problem you can call +34902210317, but assistance is only inside Spanish e English. Alternatively, you can visit the official Tussam website or go to one of these two workshops at the times and days indicated:

  • Prado San Sebastián Office: From 8:00 to 20:00 (Monday to Friday)
  • Central Office Tussam (Avda. Andalucía nº 11 - Dpto.Caja): From 9:00 to 14:00 (Monday to Friday).

So here is all the information for the Bus Airport - Seville, for more information leave a comment.

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