Nightlife in Seville

Nightlife in Seville

Known as one of the most popular cities calienti of Europe, it is no surprise that the Seville nightlife is one of the most active and captivating in all of Spain. After all, Andalusia is the home of flamenco, tapas, sherry and the best Spanish beers - all good ingredients for a more than lively night of fun.

Seville is a wonderful city for to party until the first light of dawn. It is large enough to have a great choice of places to go but, at the same time, it is compact enough to be able to move freely from one area to another on foot.

If you venture into the streets before 11pm, you might get the impression that only tourists know how to have fun in Seville. In fact, the Sevillians do not leave their homes before that time; evenings start late!

The pre-evening in the tapas bars

It is customary to start the evening with a beer or two at one of the many bars. THE tapas bar they are scattered almost everywhere in the streets of Seville, and also offer fast food dishes, including tapas, from which they take their name. If, on the other hand, you prefer to dine out, there are excellent restaurants where you can taste typical Andalusian dishes, offered daily on the menu.

Irish pub

Alongside the tapas bars, more or less authentic are also born Irish pub, which offer a variety of international beer, not usually found in cervecerias, which serve the Spanish Cruzcampo and a few others.

The discos

Once we had dinner and shared a drink together, the Sevillian night comes alive. The clubs in town open from Thursday to Sunday, but before midnight, you won't find anyone there.

The evening comes alive a few hours later, ending around 6 - 7 in the morning. Many of the best night clubs and discos they are located in the Triana district and in the Expo '92 district. The districts of Alameda and Alfalfa are instead famous for their bars and their breweries.

Some clubs in Seville

Among the many nightclubs in Seville it is worth mentioning the Boss on Calle Betis, also frequented by local celebrities. It opens on weekends, with evenings going on until the early hours of the morning.

Il Cathedral Club instead it is known for its interiors, which are reminiscent of a church. It is popular with both locals and tourists.

Finally the Seville Mila, in the Barrio of Santa Cruz, is much loved by the youngest. It opens its doors on weekends, offering evenings of various kinds.

Alternative nightlife entertainment

If you are interested in attending one instead flamenco show, typical Andalusian dance that has become known all over the world, and be overwhelmed by the rhythm of music and dances, spend the evening in one of the many tablaos is the right choice.

You cannot visit Seville and not taste the drink dedicated to the city and its nightlife, called Seville water. It is a mix of different liqueurs, with a whipped cream topping. To try it, go to a bar like the Garlochi o The Carboneria.

Flamenco shows

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