Murillo Gardens of Seville

Murillo Gardens of Seville

Seville is a city with numerous parks and gardens, a symbol of Arab domination. In the historic center of Seville, next to the Alcazar, we find the Murillo Gardens, or in Spanish Gardens of Murillo or anche "Talavera" in honor of the architect who designed them. The park characterized by the botanical variety offered with acacias, abelias and magnolias, and is among the most famous and important in the city together with the Maria Luisa Park.

Jardines de Murillo in Seville: history and composition

The Murillo Gardens of Seville are dedicated to the famous painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, they were designed by J. Talavera and Heredia on the occasion of the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. It should be noted that the birth of the gardens is due to King Alfonso XIII who decided to give part of the gardens of the Alcazar fortress to the city.

Murillo Gardens of Seville

The extension of the park is 8.854 square meters, separated from the alcazar by a wall that starts from callejón del Agua up to Paseo de Catalina de Ribeira. Inside the garden it is possible to admire octagonal gazebos dedicated to famous painters and artists, such as José García Ramos. Inside these structures there are fountains and benches covered with "tiling", Typical tiles ofAndalucia.

Always within the Murillo Gardens in Seville it is possible to admire a monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus, this was designed by Talavera himself but made by Lorenzo Coullaut Valera, a Spanish sculptor.

How to get to the Murillo Gardens in Seville

If you are in the city, a visit to the Murillo Gardens, reaching them is really easy as it is located near theAlcazar of Seville and therefore to the side of the Barrio of Santa Cruz. There are two ways to reach the park, both via the Seville metro.

  1. You can reach the Murillo Gardens taking the subway and getting off at Puerta Jerez, at this point you will have to head towards the Cathedral of Seville and consequently towards the Alcazar.
  2. It is possible to get off at the metro stop "Prado San Sebastian" and head towards the Murillo gardens which are not far away.

You can help yourself through this map where the fastest route is indicated:

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