April Fair

April Fair

La April Fair it is one of the most heartfelt and popular festivals in Seville. It is generally held two weeks after Semana Santa, officially begins at midnight on Monday and continues throughout the week until the following Sunday. But during past editions, many of the attractions were already open to the public starting the Saturday before the official opening.

The event that starts the Feria is one parade of chariots and carriages, which transport all the major exponents of the city to the arena, la Real Maestranza, where bulls and bullfighters compete. The shows of the race they are then offered every day throughout the fair.

Throughout the course of the fair, a large area close to the district The medicines and along the course of the Guadalquivir sees the installation of stands and marquees, Said booths, belonging to the most important families of Seville, to the most popular associations or political parties.

The first night of the inauguration of the April Fair it is celebrated in the various casetas. Sevillians and tourists alike enjoy dancing, drinking sherry, manzanilla and rebujito, and eating tapas. The fair also includes the installation of an amusement park, called Hell Street, an attraction with its games for both adults and children.

Where the Feria de Abril takes place

Without dal 1973, the April Fair does have the “real of the fair”, An area of ​​450.000 square meters located between the areas of Los Remedios and Tablada. The streets were all named after bullfighters, such as Juan Belmonte and Pascual Marquez. Nearby is Calle del Infierno, the amusement park, which offers many recreational activities.

In addition to the park, there is also a circus which every year is set up at Princes Park. Consider that to set up the area before the fair and rearrange it once it is finished, a lot of resources are used for several weeks before and after.

For the next editions there was talk of moving the fair to the area of Charco de la Pava, but at the moment the local government has not made a decision on the matter. Charco de la Pava today is only the area designated as the main parking lot for visitors.

The night of the pescaìto

The night of the inauguration is known as the fishing night; the name derives from the fact that fish is the traditional dish that is served for dinner. The celebrations officially begin when the lights are turned on HOME, that is the great gateway to the Feria de Abril. This specific event is called lighting.

People gather around the portada to watch the alumbrao and then branch out among the alleys of the real de la feria, inside the various tents.


thefolkloric element during the Feria de Abril it plays an important role. Women and men dress in traditional clothes: for men the "short suit”, Ie a short jacket, tight pants and boots; for women, on the other hand, the "faralaes”Or“ trajes de flamenca ”, that is the flamenco style dress.

Often these dresses are gorgeous, women then love to dress up with accessories such as jewelry, scarves, flowers in their hair and more. Men traditionally wear called hats cordovan.

The clothes are expensive to buy or rent, but they will surely make you experience the Feria with even more involvement!

Useful Information

In 2019 the Feria de Abril will be held from 4th to 11th May. The noche del pescaìto will be on May 4th.

It is advisable to go to the Feria on foot or by bicycle as public transport is super crowded and getting around with a rental car will leave you stuck in traffic! If you are interested in attending one of the bullfighting shows, which are held every afternoon during the Feria, tickets can be purchased at the Real Maestranza ticket office.

Although many casetas are private, some, such as those of associations or the municipality itself, are open to everyone. Although at first glance the Feria may seem a private event, in reality it is possible for everyone find a place in the casetas, where you can eat and join the festivities.

History of the Feria

The first edition of the April Fair it dates back to 1847, when a cattle fair was organized in Seville by two council members born in other areas of Spain: the Basque José Maria Ybarra and the Catalan Narciso Bonaplata. There Regina Isabella II he agreed to the proposal and on April 18, 1847 the first edition of the Feria was held at the Prado de San Sebastian.

Already from the following year the fair immediately changed its connotations, turning into a party for the whole city, thanks above all to the influence of three main booths: The Duke and Duchess of Montpensier, the Casino of Seville and the City Council itself. During the 20s the fair reached its peak, becoming the spectacle it is today.

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